Can you tell the difference between a Mystique Cubic Zirconia and a Diamond?

Many people and jewelers would like to think they can, but the appearance of a good quality Cubic Zirconia looks almost exactly like a good quality diamond. In fact, when reporter John Stossel of ABC's 20/20 took a diamond valued at $65,000 and a Cubic Zirconia to New York's famous diamond district on 47th street, the jewelers he visited examined both stones and half of them identified the Cubic Zirconia as the diamond.


Are there different qualities of Cubic Zirconia?

Absolutely! The many different grades are based on the purity of ingredients, the proportions of the formula, the temperature and pressure at which the elements are combined. Each stage is critical in the production to ensure the best outcome.


What is the difference between conventional CZs and Mystique's "Diamond Quality" Cubic Zirconia?

Conventional grades of cubic zirconia are mass produced and commercially cut with minimal finishing techniques. They tend to be softer, therefore can become dull and discolored in a relatively short period of time.

Mystique's "Diamond Quality" Cubic Zirconia is the original highest quality formula (Phianite or Phyanite), and is the elite grade of all Cubic Zirconia available in the world. Phianite is the hardest form of Cubic Zirconia, thus allowing it to be cut and polished exactly like a diamond, revealing maximum fire and brilliance.


Mystique's Cubic Zirconia stones get dull or cloudy over a period of time?

No, and they never will! Our Cubic Zirconia is the hardest available. This allows us to use the same polishing techniques used for diamonds, which makes Mystique's gems impervious to absorbing moisture (soap, lotions, hair spray, chemicals) into the stone. Conventional grades of Cubic Zirconia are softer and polished with a lesser grade of polish, so absorption is common with conventional Cubic Zirconias. If your Mystique Cubic Zirconia ever appears cloudy or lackluster, it is actually dirty. It can always be restored to original brilliance with thorough cleaning.


What are Mystique's Rubies and Sapphires?

Rubies and Sapphires are corundum, the same exact composition of real rubies and sapphires. They posses the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics of their natural counterparts. They are just as hard as the natural gems (9 on the Moh's scale of hardness). They are created in a laboratory under that same conditions that nature takes to make genuine rubies and sapphires. They are hand cut and polished in the same manner as the genuine stones. Mystique's lab created synthetic Rubies and Sapphires carry Mystique's Lifetime Guarantee.


What are Mystique Emeralds?

Mystique Emeralds are the best alternative to expensive natural emeralds. Natural emeralds are very soft and can easily be damaged (8.0 on the Moh's scale of hardness). Mystique's Emeralds possess the natural veils and gardens (inclusions) found in natural emeralds. They are also created in a laboratory and no two gems are exactly alike.


Are the pictures on your website shown actual size?

No. Everyone's computer monitor, tablet or phone display will show pictures at all different sizes. We do our best to list dimensions for each product in the descriptions.


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